Hound Charts

Hound Charts brings you the future of crypto trading charts.

Browse any charts for ETH and BSC tokens just like Dextools but far more intuitive to the average trader with all the handy tools easily accessible. Hound holders will be able to set ETH/BSC token price alerts by email, browser, SMS, telegram, and push notifications. Beyond that, holders can add positions to any chart, add unlimited favorites of any tokens, add a tracking wallet that allows you to see only your trades on any chart, add token info for any token, and much more! Price Alerts: Hound Charts will allow holders of Hound to receive real-time alerts for any ETH and BSC tokens by email, browser, SMS, telegram, and push notifications. This will be the first major charting system that will allow fully customizable price alerts on both ETH and BSC tokens in one neat package. Positions: Allows Hound holders to set positions on any token and track their trades in real-time. It's also a great tool for learning how to trade and tracking your gains and losses. My Trades: View your trades on any token chart and filter out all the rest with a click of a button directly on any chart. Wallet Tracking: Enter your preferred wallets to track your wallet's trades or any other wallet's trades in real-time. Simplified: Other charting platforms are unnecessarily bulky, complex, and tedious when it comes to adjusting your settings and using their features. Hound Charts packs powerful features that are readily available to use without ever being required to leave or refresh the page. Any action and any Setting features take no more than one to three seconds to initiate. This makes our Charts perfect for beginners and those that are tired of wasting their time on messy, slow, and bulky charting platforms. Release date: TBA The feature has been very close to completion for some time and will become a primary focus again once we release a few more NFT marketplace features.

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