NFT Marketplace

Learn a little bit about what makes the Hound NFT Marketplace special.

The Hound marketplace stands out by being incredibly detailed, easy to use, innovative, and with the collector in mind. We analyzed the most popular NFT marketplaces and improved on them in every way with many new and unique features, advanced filtering options, an intuitive layout and a truly pleasing browsing experience.

Filtering: Users can filter using very specific settings including types, rarity, characters, price, status, and more. Browsing NFTs, your Portfolio, and your Favorites allow you to set and saves filters to your profile, so you are always as customized as you want to be.

Portfolio: The portfolio is an important feature on any NFT and Crypto platform. We believe a good NFT portfolio will bring its collectors joy while admiring the NFT collection they have acquired and keep them coming back as often as possible. With this in mind, it was critical to us to develop something detailed, packed with your data and content while also being visually pleasing and easy to use. We also incorporated an advanced filter to adjust your portfolio to any characters, rarity, price, type, status, etc. to make it incredibly customizable to any user's preference.

Favorites: Dynamic and easy to access, our marketplace allows users to favorite NFTs and unique NFT IDs while also incorporating an advanced filter to adjust your favorites to any category, price, and status customization.

NFTs: Our marketplace incorporates not only our official Hound NFTs but also our NFT packs, Prize NFTs, Charity NFTs, Comic NFTs, and Gaming NFTs. All will be easy to browse and access directly on our marketplace.

Browsing Style: Within the filter settings, users can select "Skip NFT ID" or "Browse NFT ID" to change the user browsing experience between browsing NFTs by collection or browsing NFTs by ID. This allows users to choose whether they care about which ID they purchase or prefer a quicker experience in acquiring their NFTs.

New NFT Alerts: Holders with a minimum of $1,000 in Hound Tokens can select to receive NFT alerts 30 minutes before they are officially released.

Coming Soon: Listing Hound NFTs for sale, offers, buy now pricing on listings, offers received/sent history, and other marketplace features.

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