Hound Intro

Utility, a revolution in NFTs, industry standard gaming, and so much more.

HOUND was officially launched on Sep. 30, 2021 at about 8PM PST. We launched with the goal to build everything we found innovative and creative in Crypto and that will always remain a focus of ours. Over time we had developed a dream, plan and focus for what we want HOUND to evolve into and we are determined to make it all happen. Our approach is to always think about the long-term and how we can build a platform that never withers and shatters any ceiling and challenge ahead with new ideas and features.

We are hyper focused on creating the most personalized NFT experience that has ever existed. Our NFTs will write amazing storylines while introducing an incredible expansive world with fascinating characters, nations, powers, creatures, and villains for our community to dive in and truly get attached to. You'll watch Keiko, Eri, Sayuri and all the people they meet on their journey grow and develop through a wonderous adventure with true anime authenticity.

Our aim goes well beyond venturing into the depths of Cryptocurrency and NFTs. We want HOUND to reach a mainstream audience in various niches including anime fans, comic enthusiasts, gamers, cosplayers, collectors, and even celebrities. With a unique and long-planned out approach to marketing combined with the strength of our team and community, our vision is clear. HOUND is destined to become a household name and create the most unique crypto experience and artistic venture that anyone has ever seen.

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