NFT Packs

The Gacha game comes to Hound as beautiful NFT Packs.

The ultimate gacha is here! Every 45 to 60 days, Hound is releasing amazing collectable NFT packs with unique themes and Hound Characters within every NFT pack. Each NFTs pack is only available for purchase for a limited time. Once a sale end, the Pack's NFTs will be automatically added to the marketplace where any NFTs that have not yet been won can be bought for their true value. Each pack contains between 5 to 20 NFTs with various levels of rarity ranging from Common to Mythical. Collectors will soon be able customize their profiles to show off all the Hound NFTs they've collected on the platform and browse/connect with other collectors as well. Our NFT Pack's smart contract is fully customizable so percentages and NFTs possible amount may vary as we progress with new NFT pack releases. New Packs will be released every 45 days to 60 days.

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