NFT Farming

The new explosive take on farming, it should be fun right?!

Hound NFT Farming will keep our community engaged, excite NFT collectors, bring actual fun to farming, and reward true collectors with massive reflections and earnings in Hound Tokens. We will have 4 unique farms with different conditions for each farm that will auto activate as you acquire Hound NFTs so you can worry more about collecting and owning your Hounds and not staking your Hound over and over again. The carefully designed structure of our farms along with our innovative NFT Tracking and auto-staking features will provide each of our NFTs with major value on our Marketplace as every NFT will have an impact on your Farming potential within each of the 4 farms. As the Hound brand grows, we believe our NFT farms will be completely unrivaled in the potential for insane earnings. You can review each of the 4 farms below and on our official NFT Farming page.

Rarity Spirit Energy Common: 2-5 Energy Uncommon: 10-25 Energy Rare: 50-250 Energy Legendary: 500-2500 Energy Mythical: 9999-999999 Energy

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